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AIVA SISTEMA is one of the oldest IT companies in Lithuania. We have been innovators throughout the company's life - we were one of the first in Lithuania to start manufacturing computers, the first in Lithuania to start providing commercial Internet in major Lithuanian cities, the first to create an e-shop and CRM system , the first to create AIVAWEB content management system

We were the first to develop a tool called Tornado, which allows non-programmers to create new information management systems. With the help of this system, we have developed such systems as the Bankruptcy Administration System, the Patient Registration System, the Document Management System, and more.

Our main product is the AIVA 9001 platform, which covers practically all areas of business activity - customer conatact management, sales automation, material supply and warehouse management, production management, project management, project and construction installation management, access control and time accounting, financial management and accounting, planning of the use of tools and mechanisms for projects and accounting, control of machine tools and other equipment by means of IoT.

The following specialized products have been developed using the AIVA 9001 platform:

·         AIVA MANUFACTURING - a comprehensive process management solution for manufacturing companies. This product is unique in that it is adapted to the automation of non-standard, adaptable to customer needs and design, product ordering, price calculation, planning and management of intelligent production processes in production.

·         AIVA CONSTRUCTION - a specialized project management solution for the construction sector. With the help of the product we can automate the processes of work with tenders, project Gantt scheduling, project work management, material supply management, work with subcontractors, warehouse and accounting, time control and accounting in facilities, planning of tools and mechanisms in facilities and accounting using IoT and RFID technologies. .

·         AIVA PREKBA - for retail and wholesale companies. The product includes customer service, supply management, warehouse accounting, sales with cash registers, accounting, e-marketing  and e-commerce functions. 

·         Solutions for companies providing services from building maintenance, car repair shops, electronics repair shops, tools, work clothes rental to security companies, warehousing service companies, etc. 

The AIVA 9001 platform is constantly being improved, supplemented  with new applications for smartphones, web and IoT solutions.

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