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Various studies have shown that the main issues of project management include project planning and control, job accounting, payroll calculations, material delivery delays, high cost accounting and other issues.


It helps to automate the work of all construction company units, combining them into a single system that uses a single database over the Internet.

Compared to other Lithuanian and foreign software, the AIVA CONSTRUCTION program has a number of advantages over accounting, estimation and project management:

1)       AIVA CONSTRUCTION software combines in one system all the functions that are typically performed by multiple programs, eliminating the need for multiple entries into multiple applications, saving employees time, and avoiding data entry errors

2)       The project plan is created semi-automatically directly from the project estimate - the project manager only has to push the mouse out of the calendar, so the planning takes a little time

3)       Further project management, - works, supply of materials, subcontracting, mechanisms performed directly from the project schedule, therefore project management takes place with much less time and execution process is reflected in the project's Gantt schedule.

4)       Project materials, machinery rentals and subcontracting surveys are conducted over the Internet directly from the program - suppliers and subcontractors introduce their own bids, which makes it easy to survey more suppliers and get better prices

5)       5)  There is       no need to enter a large amount of data for material accounting, project-based accounting is real-time, the time of work managers and accountants is saved

6)       Scheduling your own machines and tools through a calendar schedule, making better use of your own mechanics and tools

7)       RFID technology and telephone application are used to review tool usage, which allows you to easily track tools without the need for manual data entry, so in the case of lost or broken tools, less

8)       RFID technology and telephone applications are used   for employee time accounting, so it is very easy to keep time records in objects that result in less work time

9)       Calculation of employee wages and salaries due to the work done in the work management has been realized.

10)    All project planning and financial accounting is done in real-time, which makes it easy for company managers to monitor project implementation and ensure that projects do not delay or exceed their estimates.


1)       Saves time for data administration, scheduling, reporting, etc. by all administrative staff, so less accountants are needed, salary fund is saved

2)       Price Survey Intensive and better procurement control for cheaper materials and subcontracting

3)       Better planning and accounting make better use of your own mechanics and tools, save on their rental and new acquisitions

4)       Due to workers' time recording and salary calculations, workforce productivity increases, fewer employees are needed to complete the same project

5)       Better control means less loss of time due to project failure.

Our   solutions  are suitable for various construction companies, which carry out general construction works, perform repairs of buildings, road builders and specialized companies performing ventilation, electrical installations, etc. works.

We have installed AIVA CONSTRUCTION program in both small and large companies.

Overview of the features:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Gantt Chart

 Suppliers And Subcontractors' Inquiries

Supply management


Potential customer database.
E-marketing to find new customers.

All customer inquiries and contests are registered.
Planning of future contact with customers. 
Creating estimates or importing them from a file.
Forming and registering contracts.
Commerce reports.


Gantt chart, a project plan, is formed from the project's estimate.

The chart calculates and displays expenditure, income, workers.

The management of the project is reflected in the  expenditure graph.
Graph features: joining and division of work, section forming, filtering, printing, etc.


Price inquiry for making a commercial offer.
Price survey after making a contract.

Forming queries for the surveys of prices from the project's estimate.

Price inquiries online - suppliers and subcontractors input their prices online.

Price comparison.

Conversion from price inquiries to purchase orders. 


Using the data from the project's plan, the software creates queries for the supply of materials and machinery to the site. The manager only has to specify the query.
The queries are confirmed by the supply manager and are passed on to a) purchasing, b) transfering from the central warehouse c) price survey.
After the delivery of materials (machinery), the project manager compares the goods with the query and confirms the delivery.


Accounting For Project Materials

Construction Work Management

Accounting For Tools and Planning




Our construction inventory software helps you control stock levels efficiently.
Manage tools, materials, and assets across locations with ease.
Accounting for materials as received using project's queries and orders to suppliers.

Transfer documents to accounting..

Remaining material reports.


Using the Gantt graph, the program creates weekly tasks for the workers. The job manager can distribute jobs among days, assign workers and mark the task as completed.

Completed tasks are shown in the Gant's schedule next to the scheduled tasks, from which the program calculates and forms the accumulated monthly report of the project and calculates the salaries of the workers.



Use project's graph or calendar to manage tools and machinery. Machinery ordering plan with travel sheet printing. Application for machinery operators


Use of RFID scanning for  delivering or returning tools.
Accounting for the transfer of tools to users. Application for tool trasfer.


Document registers. Document registration, search, transfer to execution, supervision of execution.

Creating documents using templates.

Creating time-boards.

Workers' salary management.

Financial accounting. Import/export to bank.

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